Particle analysis - Application Specific Modules

Process specific particle analysis data to standards and norms

Automated mineralogy*

The most advanced and cost-effective automated mineralogy system on the market.

  • Automatically analyse grain mounts and polished rock sections
  • Calculate mineral liberation, modal mineralogy and phase associations
  • Directly report phase compositions and compare to assay results
  • Use dedicated setups for a range of different ore types

* Module available in INCAMineral and a subsequent release of AZtecFeature.

Gunshot residue analysis*

The GSR module adds dedicated setups for crime forensics and gunshot residue analysis. It enables particle classification and reporting according to ASTM 1588-10e1.

  • Classification for all ammunition types
  • Reliable identification of gunshot residue particles
  • Standard samples for system calibration and optimum repeatability

* Module available in INCAGSR and a subsequent release of AZtecFeature.

Metals quality analysis

Analyse inclusions in steels, tyre cords and powder metallurgy...

  • Determination of steel cleanliness according to a range of international standards
  • Identification and classification of complex inclusions, stringers and clusters
  • Comprehensive, automated report generation including statistical data on inclusion types, ternary phase diagrams and plots etc.

Download the application note:  AZtecSteel technical bulletin

Advanced characterisation

The integration of AZtecFeature with the other modules in the AZtec nanoanalysis suite enables seamless transitions between different techniques and sensors.

For example, if a particle of specific interest is identified during an automated run, it can be relocated and an X-ray or EBSD map acquired in seconds. AZtec’s advanced TruMap and TruPhase functionality correct for overlaps and background variations in EDS data and identify phases unambiguously by combining EBSD and EDS data.

Integration enables:

  • Automated pre-screening of samples with AZtecFeature
  • Subsequent re-analysis of specific features using alternative techniques
  • Combination of Feature analysis with
    • X-ray mapping
    • TruMap - removes background and peak overlaps on the fly
  • Detailed spectrum analysis with interactive overlaps and element profiles
  • Film thickness (LayerProbe)
  • EBSD analysis
  • TruPhase - combines X-ray and EBSD for unambiguous phase identification
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