AZtecFeature Particle Analysis in the SEM


Fast and Powerful

  • Unleashes the potential of the latest generation of large area X-MaxN SDDs - delivering sensitivity when count rates are low and high capacity when count rates are high.
  • Choice of detectors to suit budget and needs
  • Up to four detectors can be combined to deliver maximum throughput and sensitivity and eliminate shadowing of particles on rough samples.
  • AZtec has 64-bit performance and is truly multi-tasking
    • Up to 200,000 particles characterised on one sample
    • Real-time detection, morphology and chemistry analysis
    • On-line or post acquisition elemental and phase analysis of particles
    • Parallel analysis and reporting during acquisition


  • AZtecFeature incorporates Tru-Q technology to provide unparalleled elemental identification and quantitative analysis without requiring user intervention, making it the ideal system for unattended data collection.
  • Unique pulse pile-up correction ensures accurate quantitative analysis even at the highest count rates.

Easy to Use

  • Even for new samples, results are obtained in seconds - there’s no need for laborious setup procedures.
  • Morphological and chemical measurements are acquired automatically and are easily incorporated into particle classification schemes.
  • The complete system setup can be stored as a recipe and recalled at a later date.