AZtecEnergy EDS softwarePowerful

  • AZtec has a host of new tools and technologies that will transform the way you get results and enable everyone to see ‘The Real Picture’


  • Whatever your level of expertise, AZtec will be there to guide you from start to finish or give you the tools to explore in your own way


  • Every feature of AZtec has been optimised with speed and productivity in mind, for consistently accurate real-time results


  • New Tru-QTM technology takes standardless analysis to the next level and ensures that AZtec gives you the best ‘out of the box’ results


  • A host of brand new features and novel visualisations deliver useful information to help you make decisions


  • Whatever your level of expertise, AZtec will assist you from start to finish with Step Notes and editable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
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