Combining and overlaying EDS Element maps on an electron image to make one informative coloured image is fast becoming a common way to view the distribution of elements in a specimen. But it’s important to know that the data behind this good looking image is correct...

SmartMap spectral mapping brings the benefits of automatic qualitative analysis into two dimensions to identify elements and show their distributions. Now see how all elements are distributed in a specimen

  • No specimen pre-knowledge required
  • Maps for all elements identified and generated automatically
  • Single Layered Image highlights chemistry and phase distribution in seconds
  • Up to 4K SmartMap resolution to combine wide area and high resolution studies

Element maps by AZtec EDS system


AutoLayer - a complex story made simple.
At the click of a button, AutoLayer takes the often complex information contained in a set of X-ray maps, and turns it into a single image that helps you visualise both phase and element distribution in your specimen.

  • Instantly and automatically interprets your specimen
  • Highlights what’s important in a single image
  • Unravels the complexity of real specimens
  • Colours on the Layered Image correlate to the X-ray map colours

AutoLayer makes complex data...simple




















TruMap is a unique real-time mapping solution that takes advantage of the increased counts generated by the latest SDD detectors, offering a new level of data you can see the real element variation’

TruMap produces correct results...and in real-time