Visualise element distribution along a line.


LineScan brings the concepts of AZtec real-time acquisition and reporting to the study of linear variations


  • Visualise LineScans clearly, quickly and easily
  • Flexible views make interpretation easy
  • View LineScans in stacked or tilted format
  • Normalise display to compare major and trace element variations easily

Incorporates TruMap technology ensuring that you will see real element distribution

  • Corrects for peak overlaps automatically
  • Enhances real elemental differences by removing X-ray background variation
  • Aligns image and LineScan for clear visual comparison
  • Normalised intensity scales make comparison of major and minor elements simple

Utilise the accuracy and repeatability of Tru-Q to see quantitative element variations

  • No need to wait for lengthy data processing....see quantitative linescans live!
  • Quantitative results shown in Wt% or At%
  • Table of results can be exported to Excel


  • Point spectra can be extracted from any of the linescans for further, more detailed, analysis
  • Data can be viewed in graphic form or as a table
  • Linescans can be binned to improve statistics


EDS Linesscans