Point&ID has been designed to take advantage of the high count rates generated by the latest SDD detectors to deliver accurate specimen information in real-time. Simply select the area to analyse, then, in a the few seconds required to acquire a spectrum:

  • Elements are identified using an improved version of our field-proven automatic PeakID routine
  • Composition is displayed in the unique MiniQuant using the accuracy of new Tru-Q technology
  • Annotate and e-mail results directly from the software

EDS Point and Identify













Tru-Q Analysis Engine

New Tru-Q technology takes standardless analysis to the next level and ensures that AZtec gives you the best ‘out of the box’ results

  • QCAL – Robust spectrum processing that works in all situations with no need for any background fitting adjustment
  • FLS – Complete detector and hardware characterisation for true standardless analysis
  • XPP – Matrix correction with proven accuracy beyond that possible with ZAF or Phi-Rho-Z
  • PPC - Automatic correction for pulse pile-up at high count rate, making accurate quant at 200,000cps a reality

Tru-Q analysis approach