Large Area Mapping

Making Large Area automated data collection an every day occurrence

  • An easy to use wizard guides users through the setup process and ensures that even the most infrequent user can acquire a Large Area Map
  • Accommodates tilted specimens to ensure that images are always in focus
  • Images are automatically aligned during acquisition to ensure a seamless LAM dataset both before and after montaging
  • Acquire up to 1500 fields, each with a maximum resolution of 8K x 8K, and X-ray maps with a maximum resolution of 4K x 4K, to create an image dataset of up to 96 billion pixels and an X-ray dataset of up to 24 billion pixels
  • LAM is fully interactive during acquisition: enabling users to view all the data combined, and also zoom into the fine detail
  • An individual field can be interrogated and X-ray map properties modified. Changes can then be applied to all fields in the LAM ...even during acquisition!
  • Automatic system pause when a blown filament is detected - once the filament is replaced, acquisition can be resumed

EDS Large area map

















LAM montages all the acquired data into a single SmartMap dataset with up to 64 million data points.

Exploiting the power of 64-bit processing, users can interrogate the montaged data in the same way as a standard SmartMap dataset, and:

  • Add/remove maps
  • Reconstruct deadtime corrected spectra from the SmartMap data and obtain accurate quant results
  • Create TruMaps and AutoPhaseMaps

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