FIB imageLayerProbe provides a new way to quantify TEM lamella thickness and quality in situ - as well as a complimentary technique to the cross-sectional analysis of layered specimens on FIB-SEMs.

  • LayerProbe takes only seconds to characterise the lamella thickness and to detect and measure any implanted Gallium
  • Its precise thickness measurement enables faster preparation of high-quality, ultra-thin lamellae
  • Sub-surface defects are pinpointed to identify locations where to cut with the FIB-SEM
  • LayerProbe can also characterise and optimise the quality of layers deposited or processed in the FIB using gas assisted deposition and etching
Dr Ziad Melhem of Oxford Instruments NanoScience will be giving a talk at MIT on the enabling technologies, require…
5:21 PM - 16 Feb 18
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