Performance independent of size

X-MaxN comes in a range of detector sizes, 20mm2, 50mm2, 80mm2 and 150mm2.

  • X-MaxN resolution and low energy detectability is independent of sensor size because of its external FET design.
  • The same sensor position means that the count rate simply increases in proportion to sensor size
  • The same outstanding resolution performance is guaranteed on all sensor sizes
  • Excellent low energy analysis, including Be detection on all sensor sizes
  • LN2 not required. X-MaxN is ready to start working in minutes and has full overheat protection.

X-MaxN resolution does not vary with detector size

With AZtecEnergy and X-MaxN, data from multiple detectors can be seamlessly combined for even greater sensitivity.

  • Increase count rate, with no loss in spatial or spectrum resolution
  • Up to four detectors on one microscope
  • Up to 600 mm2 real active area!


  • Collect X-ray maps using only a few pA on the most unstable samples
  • Maximise information from the smallest nano-particles and features
  • Quantitative analysis with pulse pile-up correction at many 100s of thousand counts per second
  • Detect low concentrations of minor elements faster

Multiple detectors - example