X-Max Extreme a breakthrough solution for ultra high resolution FEG-SEM. This unique detector for the first time enables EDS data collection at very low kV (e.g. 1-3kV) and very short working distance to provide elemental analysis under the conditions customers are using to analyse nano-materials and surfaces at the highest SEM resolution.

The latest ultra-high resolution FEG-SEMs offer new capabilities for investigating smaller nano-structures, interfaces and surfaces. However, under the conditions used, with very short working distance, very low kV and minimal beam current, to make use of new electron signal contrasts from in-lens detectors, no current EDS can provide supporting elemental characterisation. The new X-Max Extreme changes this, it was designed specifically to operate in this analysis regime with:

  • Unique geometry
    • Designed to work at shorter working distance
    • Designed with the highest solid angle for a conventional port mounted EDS detector – typically 5x  greater solid angle than X-MaxN 150, with the sensor half the normal distance to the sample
  • Windowless operation
    • In combination with the solid angle 10-30x higher sensitivity for low energy X-rays compared to any other large area detectors
  • New detector electronics for boosted sensitivity to very low energy X-rays and extended low energy analytical performance at higher count rates
  • Integration with AZtecEnergy and its new Tru-Q analysis engine for low kV data processing and analysis
    • New improved TruMap for low kV overlap correction

To achieve this unique geometry, the X-Max Extreme is designed with the non-circular 100mm2 sensor and windowless configuration already successfully used in the X-MaxN 100TLE to optimise sensitivity in the TEM. In addition the detector features a new reduced footprint electron trap configuration to allow the detector to operate up to 7kV beam voltage.