• Unleashes the potential of the latest generation of large area X-MaxN SDDs - delivering sensitivity when count rates are low and a high capacity when count rates are high.
  • Choice of detectors, including 100 mm2 active area with a special design that maximises solid angle
    • Multiple detector system enables over 2 sr solid angle (TEM and configuration depenent)
    • Windowless options for outstanding low energy performance
  • AZtec has a 64-bit performance and a true multi-tasking capability so you work at the maximum detector speed, visualise final results in real-time, report in parallel... and get the job done faster than ever


  • AZtecTEM provides the tools to explore data in your own way with a variety of options for data collection,processing and export


  • Incorporates Tru-Q® technology to provide high accuracy AutoID and quantitative analysis - so you get the right results in real-time, time after time
  • AutoLock™ provides a unique blend of predictive and reactive drift correction routines - vital when working at the nano and atomic scales
  • TruMap® and TruLine™ correct for overlaps and other artefacts in real-time, then automatically visualise the data in the best way possible


  • Guided or custom operating modes
  • AZtecTEM can assist any level of user from start to finish with Step Notes and editable Standard Operating Procedures


  • Acquire at the maximum detector speed, visualise final results in real-time, report in parallel
Dr Ziad Melhem of Oxford Instruments NanoScience will be giving a talk at MIT on the enabling technologies, require… https://t.co/MDz2SojzYv
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