Atomic column mapping

Flexible off-line data processing and data export


Maps, linescans and spectra maybe reconstructed from previously collected SmartMap or Linescan data. This enables users to :-

  • Reconstruct TruMaps from previously collected SmartMaps
  • Reconstruct QuantMaps from previously collected SmartMaps
  • Reconstruct TruLines and QuantLines from previously collected Linescans
  • Reconstruct spectra from areas and points on maps or linescans
  • Variable thickness linescans can be extracted from stored map data for detailed analysis of grain boundaries

Data Transfer

In (S)TEM it is often desirable to transfer data collected in AZtec to other programmes for further investigation. AZtec gives the capability to transfer data as:-

  • Datacubes in the form of raw files to programmes such as Lispix and multivariate statistical analysis packages for evaluation of data such as atomic column mapping
  • Excel for further processing of spectra (EMSA format), maps and linescans