EDS Linescan for TEM

LineScan brings the concepts of AZtec real-time acquisition and reporting to the study of linear variations

  • All the data is always collected and saved at every pixel
  • Easy and flexible interpretation
  • Automatically acquire multiple horizontal or vertical LineScans
  • Align image and LineScan for clear visual comparison
  • Normalised intensity scales make comparison of major and minor elements simple


TruLine Incorporates Tru-Q technology tocalculate true elemental peak variation from a line scan.

  • Corrects for peak overlaps automatically
  • Enhances real elemental differences by removing X-ray background variation
  • Real-time calculation and display


QuantLine displays real quantitative chemical linescans by recalculating SmartMap data to correct for the X-ray background, peak overlaps, sample matrix effects and pile up artefacts.

  • No need to wait for lengthy data processing...see quantitative linescans live!
  • Display results in atomic%, weight%, oxide% or atomic concentration
  • Export data to spreadsheet
  • Can work on legacy datasets