EDS Reporting for TEM

Usability: powerful for the expert - yet scalable to any user


AZtec has true multi-tasking capability, meaning that every second of data acquisition can also be used for processing and reporting.

  • Data interaction in real-time
  • Many tasks that used to take minutes now take seconds
  • Interrogate data from one project while acquiring data for a new project
  • Enable new ways of working to give a large increase in productivity

Multi-user environments

  • Profiles contain all the settings required to repeat an analysis and obtain the same results no matter who the user is
  • Step Notes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) help at every step of your analysis and can be easily modified for personalised SOPs

Operating Modes

  • Guided Mode: Ideal for those who prefer a ‘step by step’ approach to analysis. Each step of the Navigator has a clear purpose. You can always see what is happening and what to do next
  • Custom Mode: Ideal for those who prefer the freedom and flexibility to decide what functionality they want to see and where they want to see it


No matter what your requirements, AZtec will help you present the reports you need in the format you want them.Fast: reporting direct from the interface - a simple right click and data can be e-mailed direct to your customer

  • Flexible: a dedicated application enables you to export your data in the format and resolution you want
  • Structured: a comprehensive list of report templates tailored to each application enables you to print a professional report with a single button press
  • Create your own templates!
  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Create templates for use across multiple techniques
  • Create multi-page templates
  • Create templates for single or multiple users