Fast atAtomic column mappingomic column mapping
The outstanding solid angle, sensitivity and speed of the X-MaxN 100TLE are vital to collection at atomic level magnifications.Specimen drift, beam damage and contamination - challenges that have been limiting factors in the past - have now been solved.

X-ray maps and linescans can now be collected in a dramatically shorter time without compromising performance. This increase in performance makes the X-MaxN 100TLE a must where ultra-high resolution analysis is performed down to the atomic level and the signal is extremely low. The detector also handles count rates in high beam current regimes.


Oxford Instruments thanks the Faculty and Staff of the EMS, University of Illinois, Chicago for their help in preparing these data.





Fast automatic phase analysis
For a more detailed analysis of multiphase systems, AZtecTEM AutoPhaseMap creates a phase map of the specimen using statistical variations rather than clustering or principle components. It provides an unrivalled qualitative and uantitative analysis of automatically identified phases.