Asbestos Analysis Overview

AZtecFeature can be used for Asbestos analysis in the SEM to routinely analyse and identify particles and fibres based on both chemistry and morphology

Comprehensive Classification

  • Classification schemes based on both chemistry and morphology
  • Classification of different asbestos mineral phases
  • Fibres identified first based on morphology measures then categorised into asbestos phases
  • Easy to edit or create classification schemes with Assisted Classification
  • Class & sub-class approach allows complex classifications to be built easily
  • Classification based on full quantification results

High Speed Analysis

  • Morphology measurements are made instantly as soon as an image is recorded
  • X-MaxN silicon drift detectors enable high throughput and high accuracy

Accurate Quantification

  • AZtec Tru-Q algorithms applied to every single particle or fibre for ultimate quantification accuracy
  • Accurate quantification at any accelerating voltage

Automated Runs

  • All analysis settings are applied to each field of an automated run covering entire samples
  • Multiple stub positions can be saved and recalled in layouts
  • Multiple samples can be set up to run overnight

Easy, Repeatable Analysis

  • Contrast/brightness can be set up the same each time with image calibration samples.
  • All settings can be saved and recalled so they are the same each time.
  • Workflow-oriented user interface to ensure ease of use.
  • Customisable step notes guide operators through the analysis process.
  • Comprehensive choice of report templates