LayerProbe is ideal for a wide range of applications, including back- and front-end chip manufacturing, semiconductor R&D, optical and industrial coatings, nanoelectronic devices...


Measuring layer thicknesses of a semiconductor in the SEMSemiconductor R&D

  • Measure thickness and composition of metallisation and dielectric layers
  • Accurately characterise oxide formation on bond pads (e.g. Cu oxide on Cu)
  • Optimise thin film deposition processes (CVD, ALD, sputtering, evaporation)

Solar cells

  • Characterise active layers in thin film solar cells (CIGS, CdTe)
  • Optimise TCO layer thickness and uniformity
  • Characterise anti-reflection coating thickness and composition

Optical Coatings

  • Optimise the colour and transparency of optical coatings by accurately determining the film thickness and composition
  • Compositional measurement uncovers non-uniformities not seen in conventional thickness measurements

Industrial Coatings

  • Suitable for decorative and structural coatings
  • Uncover and accurately characterise sub-surface defects with minimal sample preparation


  • Measure uniformity of nanoparticle coatings
  • Characterise contacts to nano-devices
  • Relate device performance and structure using nondestructive layer measurements