• The composition and thicknesses of a multi-layered structure are calculated from an EDS measurement of the specimen surface - no need to prepare cross-sections

High spatial resolution

  • LayerProbe is the only high-resolution, nondestructive solution - it accurately characterises features down to 200 nm wide


  • Layer thickness down to the nanometre scale can be measured quickly and accurately. The optimum SEM conditions for best accuracy are suggested during set-up

Cost effective

  • LayerProbe turns your SEM into a high performance thin film and coating analyser. Comparable nondestructive techniques would require considerable additional investment in dedicated equipment

Suitable for metallic layers

  • With this X-ray based technique, metallic films can be measured at thicknesses far beyond their optical transparency.
  • The excellent low energy sensitivity of our latest generation SDD detector, X-MaxN, makes it possible to measure oxide formation on metals down to 1 nm thickness