Particle analysis in teh SEM...made easy

Identify particles in seconds...       add chemistry  ... and analyse over large areas automatically, quickly, accurately.


AZtecFeature is as automated as flexible as needed


Data in seconds...

Automated feature and particle analysis has never been so easy! Basic particle sizing is available immediately: click on one particle and others in a similar grey level will be automatically detected and their morphology displayed.

  • Real-time calculation of morphological parameters
  • Particle size, shape, aspect ratio... are shown instantly
  • Manually fine-tune particle detection by adjusting thresholds and adding image filters for noise reduction, particle separation etc.

...simply add chemistry

As AZtecFeature is fully integrated with the rest of the AZtec Suite, adding chemical data could not be easier...

  • Acquire an EDS spectrum for each particle automatically
  • Use existing settings in the AZtec user profile for spectrum processing
  • Generate the right result using Tru-Q algorithms
  • Start building a classification scheme at the click of a button

A simple step from single field to large area analysis

Going from single field analysis to acquiring data over a large area of a specimen or even several specimens is easy:

  • A wizard guides users through the setting up of areas and samples
  • Areas can be stored and recalled for later use
  • For each sample, up to 200,000 particles over thousands of fields of view can be analysed automatically
  • The system fully automates the stage movement, image acquisition and EDS acquisition and stitches the acquired data together into a single large area. Individual fields are automatically shown in a montaged view during acquisition
  • See the ‘big picture’ and zoom into details during acquisition
  • Relocate to any field and acquire data for further analysis
  • Automatic system pause when a blown filament is detected (microscope dependent)


As soon as data from a particle is acquired, it is added to a customisable list displaying morphological and compositional measurements and particle classifications.

  • Interact with and interrogate the tabulated results while data acquisition is still in progress
  • Visualise data in the form of histograms and summary reports can be generated directly into Microsoft® Word
  • For further, more detailed analysis and plotting options, comprehensive data export into Microsoft Excel is available