• Coaxial shielded connection is provided throughout the electrical shaft, for measurements of currents down to fA range or acquisition speeds up to MHz. This provides highest electrical performance of port mounted nanomanipulators in FIB and SEM. OmniProbe 200 nanomanipulators add closed-loop encoder feedback for accuracy, flexibility and ease of use.
  • Omniprobe E3 includes 103 … 1010 V/A amplification with full control of all parameters required for EBIC, including gain, contrast, brightness, current compensation and zero balance. Ease of operation is enhanced further with live preamplifier and EBIC signal monitors and the ability to save/open configuration files.
  • A full SEM scanning system is provided, with 16-bit EBIC digitisation, maximum 16,384 x 16,384 scan resolution, up to 4 simultaneous inputs, up to TV frame rate speeds, with mapping, line scan and point modes, including frame and line averaging. Flexible and simultaneous EBIC/SE acquisition provides most powerful acquisition platform for electrical analysis in the SEM.
Had a great evening yesterday, networking with low temperature physicists over a reception at DPG Spring Meeting, s… https://t.co/0KlGh9vNED
5:48 PM - 15 Mar 18
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