E3 software provides completely quantitative data acquisition of induced current and visualisation of absorbed current with full control of all amplifier settings and integrated scan control and simultaneous SE imaging. Software tools include Current Voltage (IV) characterisation, live mix of signals for fault localisation, measurement of beam current and calibration. Analysis packages provides programmable signal processing, direct measurements, and calibrated data export.

Software tools include:

  • Current/Voltage (IV) characterisation
  • Live mix of signals for fault localisation
  • Measurement of beam current and calibration
  • The analysis packages provide programmable signal processing, direct measurements, and calibrated data export

E3 Brochure and Application Note

E3 Brochure

The E3 quantitative nanoprobing microanalysis system enables the electrical characterisation (EBIC, EBAC and Electrical probing) of devices and materials in the SEM & FIB. This 8 page brochure gives an overview of the E3 product.

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EBIC Analysis Application Note

Electron Beam Induced Current is a well established analysis method of electrical activity in the SEM. It provides a unique correlation of electrical and structural properties with very high spatial resolution.This application note shows how the Oxford Instruments integrated EBIC microanalysis system is configured and applied to analyse defects in a Si solar cell.


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EBIC Hardware

EBIC Hardware

E3 hardware provides a complete and integrated EBIC/EBAC system for port-mounted OmniProbe100 or 200 manipulators on a FIB or SEM.

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Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

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