OmniProbe 200

The industry leading PORT MOUNTED nanomanipulators for FIB and SEM instruments include this model integrating 100nm closed-loop encoder feedback control for accuracy, flexibility and ease of use.  Manipulation with a closed-loop system is completely independent from the microscope’s stage positioning, enabling an extra degree of freedom for sample manipulation. Patented solutions leverage this with custom combined stage and probe (CSP) recipes to achieve fast sample repositioning to specific angles.



OmniProbe Nanomanipulator Family

This brochure compares the three nanomanipulators in the OmniProbe range.

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This brochure goes into the features and benefits of our flagship nanomanipulator, the OmniProbe400.

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EBIC and EBAC analysis

The E3 quantitative nanoprobing microanalysis system enables the electrical characterisation (EBIC, EBAC and Electrical probing) of devices and materials in the SEM & FIB. This 8 page brochure gives an overview of the E3 product.

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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Includes advanced technology from 8 generations of innovation
  • Enable diverse applications from nanowire manipulation to TEM sample preparation to electrical and mechanical measurements
  • Move diagonally in ANY direction (omnidirectionality)
  • Navigate orthogonally at any sample tilt
  • Rapidly orient samples to specific angles
  • Perform smooth and precise manipulation over long distances
  • Always know where the probe tip is, even when outside the field of view
  • Move predictably for all port installations
  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase success rates with easy recall of stored locations
  • Avoid collisions
  • Pneumatic insertion/retraction links to the microscope software (OEM dependent)
  • Built-in capability for applying a bias to the needle ranging up to +/- 10 V, for voltage contrast or other applications.

Optional Concentric Rotation

Concentrically-corrected rotation with 0.1degree resolution enables the sample to be imaged during rotation at a magnification equivalent to a 60um horizontal field of view. 

  • Sample rotation is accomplished safely without risk of collision and without constant attention to reposition the sample or probe tip after each rotation. 
  • Within a FIB, rotation provides a means for fast and easy tip sharpening to improve electrical characterization or interact with sub-20nm sample features.

Automation System

  • Computer and flat panel monitor
  • 2U rack-mounted Ethernet controller
  • 3-axis stage with 100nm linear encoder feedback
  • Motion control software interface
  • User manual and installation guide

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Nanomanipulators - OmniProbe 400

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Cryo lift-out

Cryo lift-out

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Product Support

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Oxford Instruments takes pride in the support and service that we provide. Whether your requirements are general or specific, regional or national, local or international, we can tailor a package specifically for you.