Features and Benefits

  • Includes advanced technology from 8 generations of innovation
  • Enable diverse applications from nanowire manipulation to TEM sample preparation to electrical and mechanical measurements
  • Move diagonally in ANY direction (omnidirectionality)
  • Navigate orthogonally at any sample tilt
  • Rapidly orient samples to specific angles
  • Perform smooth and precise manipulation over long distances
  • Always know where the probe tip is, even when outside the field of view
  • Move predictably for all port installations
  • Reduce operator fatigue and increase success rates with easy recall of stored locations
  • Avoid collisions
  • Pneumatic insertion/retraction links to the microscope software (OEM dependent)
  • Built-in capability for applying a bias to the needle ranging up to +/- 10 V, for voltage contrast or other applications.

Optional Concentric Rotation

Concentrically-corrected rotation with 0.1degree resolution enables the sample to be imaged during rotation at a magnification equivalent to a 60um horizontal field of view. 

  • Sample rotation is accomplished safely without risk of collision and without constant attention to reposition the sample or probe tip after each rotation. 
  • Within a FIB, rotation provides a means for fast and easy tip sharpening to improve electrical characterization or interact with sub-20nm sample features.

Automation System

  • Computer and flat panel monitor
  • 2U rack-mounted Ethernet controller
  • 3-axis stage with 100nm linear encoder feedback
  • Motion control software interface
  • User manual and installation guide