OmniProbe 400

A ninth generation of nanomanipulator, the OmniProbe 400 exploits innovative piezo actuation for best in class nanoscale positioning. Optimised for maximum flexibility and performance, the OmniProbe 400 is the ultimate nanomanipulator for high resolution and high throughput applications.


43 performance

Nanoscale manipulation and testing in the SEM and varied lift-out TEM sample preparations in the FIB can be performed easily while using optimized working distances

  • 4 degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z,R)
  • 4 mm or more working distance
  • 4 motion strengths: encoder resolution, motor resolution, repeatability, linearity



OmniProbe Nanomanipulator Family

This brochure compares the three nanomanipulators in the OmniProbe range.

PDF 2.26MB

This brochure goes into the features and benefits of our flagship nanomanipulator, the OmniProbe400.

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EBIC and EBAC analysis

The E3 quantitative nanoprobing microanalysis system enables the electrical characterisation (EBIC, EBAC and Electrical probing) of devices and materials in the SEM & FIB. This 8 page brochure gives an overview of the E3 product.

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Application Note

TEM Lamella Preparation Application Note

High-resolution TEM image quality is greatly impacted by the thickness of the TEM sample (lamella) and the presence of any surface damage layer created during FIB-SEM sample preparation. Here we present a new technique that enables measurement of the local thickness and composition of TEM lamellae and
discuss its application to the failure analysis of semiconductor devices.

PDF 4.77MB

Features & Benefits


Nanometre-resolution piezo actuators and 10nm closed-loop encoders provide industry-leading precision, linearity and smooth motion



Automation on multiple levels enables results in the fewest steps possible

  • Insertion repeatability eliminates tip realignment
  • Change tips in 3 minutes without venting
  • Concentric rotation enables rapid tip sharpening, tip cleaning, and sample repositioning
  • Safely and precisely navigate to stored positions close to the sample and back to park


Accurate closed-loop feedback control

The OmniProbe 400 uses closed-loop control to deliver smooth motion, dependable accuracy, and a high degree of integration.  In additional to very high motion resolution, the OmniProbe 400 integrates motorized concentric rotation and fast in situ tip changes as standard:

  • Non-pneumatic insertion and retraction is gentle to fragile samples
  • Move with high accuracy, linearity and repeatability
  • Move diagonally in ANY direction (omnidirectionality)
  • Navigate orthogonally at any sample tilt
  • Rapidly orient samples to specific angles
  • Perform smooth and precise manipulation over long distances
  • Always know where the probe tip is, even when outside the field of view
  • Move predictably for all port installations
  • Use fixed and user-programmable positions to reduce operator fatigue and increase success rates
  • Avoid collisions
  • Rotate concentrically
  • Change tips in situ

In-situ tip change

  • Probe needles can be replaced in under 3 minutes without venting the microscope
  • Atmospheric contamination is avoided and the high vacuum preserved for the best performance
  • Samples attached to tips can be safely stored for later use, allowing multiple users to maintain their throughput

Concentric rotation

The tip stays in the field of view for rapid tip shaping and sample reorienting without risk of sample loss or accidental venting.

  • Position with sub-degree accuracy
  • Extend the needle life
  • Create fine tips exhibiting ohmic behaviour
  • Prepare microtips for nanoparticle manipulations that use Van der Waals forces
  • Reorient samples for plan-view, side-view and backside preparations


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Maintenance and Support

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