HyperSense - the in-vitro DNP Polariser

HyperSense delivers significant enhancement of nuclear spin polarisation by dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP). The resultant hyperpolarised substrates are presented in the liquid-state, allowing the NMR user to benefit from extremely high levels of sensitivity.

Enhanced NMR signals attainable with 13C, 15N, 29Si and 31P nuclei have the potential to increase the diversity of experiments in physics, chemistry, biochemistry and medicine. Examples include:

  • Monitoring of rapid cellular metabolism
  • NMR of complex bio-mixtures
  • Chemical kinetic studies
  • Shorter data collection times and/or use of smaller amounts of sample

HyperSense also gives your spectrometer dual functionality by allowing you to switch between conventional NMR and DNP-assisted spectroscopy.

HyperSense is not marketed for in-vivo use.

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