Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis is now part of Hitachi High-Technologies Group.

Assuring precise identification and trace analysis of important elements such as nitrogen in steel and phosphorus in aluminium, the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro is the system of choice for metal manufacturers, metal processors and the foundry industry. Typical applications include:

  • Analytical mode / identification
  • Steel, cast iron and high alloyed steels
  • Non-ferrous metals and their alloys
  • Aluminium: wrought alloys, casting alloys, ...
  • Copper: bronze, brass, cupronickel, ...
  • Magnesium, zinc alloys, solders
  • Nitrogen in steel
  • Phosphorus in aluminium
  • Ultra low carbon analysis
  • Improved LOD's for lead, silicon, zinc, ...
  • Elements such as selenium, lanthanum, tellurium