90kV Microfocus X-ray Source Ultrabright 96000 SeriesThe UltraBright is well suited for applications including microtomography, X-ray micro-fluorescence, X-ray diffraction and X-ray imaging. It has been featured in a number of scientific papers. In "A Compact System for Macro-Molecular Crystallography," Review of Scientific Instruments November 2000, the Ultrabright in conjunction with a polycapillary optic demonstrated flux rates greater than a 5kW rotating anode system.

Featuring a <10 micron spot size end window design and 4mm focus-to-object distance (FOD), the UltraBright Microfocus System delivers exceptional magnification and image quality. The UltraBright system is operated by an external high voltage Smart Controller capable of providing variable control of high voltage from 10kV to 90kV and electron acceleration beam current from 0.33-2 milliamps with full control of "Brightness". The Smart Controller calculates spot size for a given power setting for maximum flux output and can be outfitted with the UltraBright PC software that will allow remote control, making it an ideal solution for most research applications.

  • Small Focus-to-Object Distance (FOD) - High magnification and image quality
  • High power - Ideal for high flux applications and experiments
  • Small focal spot - Ideal interface to X-ray optics
  • Digital interface - Simplifies communication
  • Controllable operation - Ideal for research applications
  • Compact, lightweight design - Ideal for portable applications

Key Specifications Ultrabright 96000 Series

  • Operating Voltage:                  90kV
  • Power:                                       80W
  • Spot Size:                                 15µm
  • Focus-to-Object Distance:    4mm
  • Target Material:                        W, Mo, Cu

Typical Applications

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