The 1550 Series X-ray tube is a 50kV, 50 Watt X-ray tube designed for applications where high flux density and continuous operation are important.

Utilizing our highly stable, high intensity X-ray tube technology coupled with grid-controlled variable focus enables our 1550 Series X-ray tube to produce very small focal spots; this makes the 1550 Series ideal for most industrial inspection and non-destructive testing applications that require high resolution, including PCB assembly, battery, plastic, metal and mechanical parts inspection. Flexible and reliable, this unit is also highly suited for use with X-ray optics.

The 1550 Series X-ray tube can also be supplied in a stainless steel, lead-lined package that is filled with dielectric oil that enables the unit to provide maximum X-ray shielding and heat dissipation; this configuration is our popular Apogee 5500 Series packaged tube, which includes high voltage and filament connectors making it ideal for plug and play operation.


  • Wide operating range enables optimal image contrast
  • Stable X-ray output delivers high precision measurements
  • Low attenuation beryllium window ensures high transmission of low energy X-rays


  • Medical imaging
  • Inspection of printed circuit boards and electronic devices
  • Nondestructive testing of plastic, metal and mechanical parts
  • Thickness gauging
  • Analytical XRF

Table of 1550 Series Glass X-ray Tubes

Part Number Outline Drawing Target Operating Range (kV Max Anode Current (mA) Max Anode Power (W) Max Filament Current (A) Spot Size (µm)*
90200 8242 Cu 10 - 50 1.0 50 1.7 50 Max.
90201 8242 W 10 - 50 1.0 50 1.7 50 Max.
90202 8242 Mo 10 - 50 1.0 50 1.7 50 Max.
90203 8242 Co 10 - 50 1.0 10 1.7 50 Max.
90204 8242 Rh 10 - 50 1.0 50 1.7 50 Max.

* Inquire for outline drawings, detailed specifications and exact spot size dimensions.
  Max. = Maximum, Typ. = Typical, Nom. = Nominal

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