With a service plan agreement in place you can relax as OiService takes on the responsibility to keep your Handheld XRF analyser operating in top condition, maintaining maximum efficiency for your business at all times.

Annual preventative maintenance (PM)


Technical Support
Helpdesk support on the phone or by e-mail when you need it. Speak directly to a technician with all your questions or queries regarding your X-MET7000 series.

Remote diagnostics
With a suitable internet connection we can take control of your X-MET at your site in the event of Application queries, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting requirements.

Response time
With a service plan agreement in place you will benefit from a priority response from our helpdesk technicians and from our service coordinators who will quickly respond to any queries or breakdowns you may have, providing you with a Return Authorisation for a service depot repair when required.

Annual re-certification
Maintain compliance to your regulatory approval with an audit traceable certification of your X-MET, verifying top performance of measurements to the original specification.

Software updates
Keep up to date with new software development taking advantage of enhancements and features to get the best out of your investment.

Replacement covers
In some environments the X-MET Analyser can receive knocks and scratches. Replacement covers can be fitted during the PM. This means you will always receive back your analyser looking as good as new.

Repair labour
Includes all engineer repair labour if you suffer a breakdown.

Spare parts
Includes all spare parts including Tube and Detector.

Rental instrument
If downtime is an issue take advantage of our X-MET analyser rental programme to keep you running. With a service plan agreement in place this can be included either as a discounted rate or included free of charge depending on the service plan you choose.

User Training
The OI Training academy provides customers with in-depth knowledge on navigating the software with respect to configuration and applications as well as training on the safe use of the handheld analyser for your environments.

Includes the items that you can expect to use regularly such as sample cups, Polyimide window kits and battery packs.

Maximum service repair price
This is designed for customers who would prefer not to take a service plan agreement to include parts and labour, but who would like to put a maximum limit on the total repair price.