ServiceWise service and maintenance contracts for cryogen-free products.

Oxford Instruments offers an increasing range of cryogen-free products, which use mechanical coolers (Gifford McMahon or pulse tube) to operate. These coolers require regular maintenance to ensure reliable long term operation. We have developed service and maintenance contracts to ensure complete peace of mind.

  • ServiceWise Service: Standard:

Three year service plan offering a single visit at the end of each year to undertake our stated annual service* protocol. It will include regular maintenance
on compressors and pumps as well as vital checks on seals, wiring and instrument calibration. All expenses and parts are covered by our standard service contract including compressor absorbers and service kits. However this doesn’t include any of the benefits found in our warranty packages. If any fault is found with the system during this period of contract the costs of repair will not be covered.

  • ServiceWise Service: Comprehensive:

Three year cover plan identical to the standard service. However, this also includes our ServiceWise Warranty cover to ensure all aspects are covered to protect our customers’ investment. If any fault is found with the system during this period of contract the costs of repair will be covered.

Why purchase ServiceWise contracts?

  • Safeguard your investment: Ongoing, comprehensive support coverage helps to prolong and protect your valuable investment, and can reduce lifetime cost of ownership
  • Additional savings can be made when customers purchase a two or three year contract
  • Easier maintenance budget planning, as costs are already covered
  • Knowledge that systems are being maintained by highly skilled OINS Field Engineers
  • Contracted customers benefit from an additional 10% saving on any spares ordered throughout the duration of the contract


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