Oxford Instruments have released a major upgrade to the cryogen-free Triton dilution refrigerator system control software.

The new software offers several important updates as well as additional functionalities including a much improved remote interface and associated programming library to facilitate data acquisition and automated routines – these features are explained in detail in the separate software manual released with this upgrade.

This release will also be the only supported version of the software and the only version for which future updates will be available so it is important that systems are upgraded to this version.

IMPORTANT: Please read the installation guide supplied with this software upgrade before attempting the installation.

To extract these files you will need 7zip software, if you do not have this already you can download from here.

Title Description Downloads
Triton Control Software

Triton software, manuals and programming examples.

The encryption key required to decompress these archives is the same as the Triton logon password for your system control rack.

VRM Installer Latest versions of this software can be downloaded from our Mercury support site - click the download link to access. VRM Downloads


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