4.jpgFast and accurate pressure control

This controller ensures very fast and accurate pressure control. The system parameters are set up automatically within the tool on first start up after the upgrade has been fitted. The adaptive algorithm the controller continuously adapts to the process conditions (species of gas, gas flow) and thus ensures optimum pressure control at any time.

The APC is used to restrict pumping during the dose step for a precursor. Often long exposure times are needed for slow-to-react precursors, or when deposition into high aspect ratio features is required.

Features & benefits

  • Increases precursor efficiency for slow to react precursors (e.g. Hafnium)
  • Allows deposition into high aspect ratio features
  • Sampling rate: 10 ms
  • Control accuracy: 5 mV or 0.1% of maximum sensor range, whichever is greater
  • Step resolution: 20 000 (steps = 0 - 90° rotation)
  • The control valve has fast and strong actuator
  • High-performance, integrated controller
  • Extremely short control response times and position indication
  • Automatic maintenance indication
  • Excellent resistance to contaminating processes

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