Integrate your Plasma Tools into your Barcode reader system

  • Fast and accurate wafer recording
  • Automated recipe selection
  • Totally eliminates user error when tracking wafer lots
  • Customisable software to match your barcode requirements
  • Enable the equipment to be incorporated into your barcode scheme
  • Accurate and fast wafer lot activity
  • Data is available quickly, access where your wafers are immediately

Integration features
  • Allows operators to enter batch/lot and recipe information using a barcode scanner instead of requiring keyboard entry
  • Reduces operator errors when entering batch/lot and recipe information and to facilitate integration with factory automation systems
  • Increases operator throughput when entering information into system
  • Reduces operator error rate
  • Available on all PC200/PC4500 Systems
  • Not available on PC3000/PC3500 systems
  • Enter Information required for individual batch using barcode scanner
  • Enter Batch Name, Lot Name, Recipe Name, Wafers names depending on customer requirements and tool type


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