Upgrade  Description
PC2000 LFA Used to view and analyse the data accrued in log files automatically created by the PC2000™ software, during normal operation of our plasma systems. All data that passes between the PC2000 and the programmable logic controller (PLC) of the system, are stored in LFA log files, and then displayed as graphs. Benefits include: fast data log response, logs all parameters and variables in real time, and each parameter can be set at an individual response time.
PC Upgrade to Windows 7 Software to support latest Windows platforms (please note that Windows XP is no longer a Microsoft supported software).
SECS GEM Data acquisition and recipe handling system from a host PC (supplied by customer) We can supply SECS
GEM compatible software to interface with your SECS GEM host to allow total factory automation.
RF Hold functionality Enables fast switching of process gases, whilst maintaining plasma ignition. (Subject to licensing agreements).
CM gauge auto-zero This will enable the CM gauge to do an auto CM gauge drift pressure correction before the process step run, thus achieving a consistent process pressure for each run.
N2 standby mode Dry Pump N2 standby mode will save up to 96% of nitrogen gas usage when in ‘standby’ mode compared to usage during processing, on our etch, deposition and growth systems.
X20 PLC X20 PLC upgrade is a complete replacement for the B&R mini controller. The upgrade comes with a PC with the latest operating software supplied, preloaded and ready to use. It offers greater resolution of the analogue control.
Light tower Visual display of system operation, indication if tool is in process, idle or alarm mode.
PC2000 process tool user interface and control software For systems currently operating on PC Plus software. PC2000 is the current Oxford Instruments operating software, providing a user interface that is clear, easy to use and quick to learn, whether the system is a straight forward open-loading tool or a complex multi-chamber cluster system.