End point detectors are an important tool for achieving optimal process results.

Upgrade now and benefit from:

  • Increased tool availability & productivity
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Extended life of chamber components due to less over-cleaning
  • Real-time chamber clean endpoint detection
  • Reduced particulate generation by preventing over-cleaning, leading to improved process yield

Optical emission spectroscopy

  • Optical emission spectroscopy monitors the light emitted by the plasma.
  • Measurement of the amount of light emitted at a specific wavelength therefore allows a relative measurement of the concentration of a given species. Measurement of the fluorine emission intensity is used to determine the endpoint of chamber plasma cleaning.
  • During cleaning the fluorine concentration will be low as it is being consumed by the etching process, but it will rise sharply at endpoint when the chamber walls become clean.
  • Typical endpoint units for PECVD chamber clean endpointing are as follows:
    1. CCD1 spectrometer kit (200-850nm spectrometer). The full spectrum capability additionally allows chamber and process monitoring, e.g. by comparison of current spectra with a reference to aid with process troubleshooting.
    2. Fixed wavelength PM140 kit (704nm), dedicated to chamber clean endpoint detection.
  • These end point detectors are available for PlasmaPro® systems: 80Plus, NGP80, 100, 800 System133, NGP1000 and Plasmalab System 100

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OES Endpoint Detector Upgrade

Upgrade for deposition tools providing increased productivity and preventing damage from over-cleaning

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