Upgrade: X20 Control SystemX20 Control system: Upgrade now for increased performance!

The X20 Control System delivers a future proof, flexible and reliable tool with increased system ‘intellect’

  • Designed to replace the Black* and Blue PLC's on Plasmalab and PlasmaPro systems
  • *If your system is still running a Black PLC you will need to upgrade to the X20 to receive continued support
Features & benefits
  • Extremely fast scan speed
  • Slice based system
  • Fast processing
  • Latest platforms ensure longer support
  • Compact system
  • Easy installation
  • Diagnostics via team viewer (if network access available)
  • Option for IP67 rated modules
  • Single PLC platform
  • Future proof
  • Excellent diagnostics
  • Increased I/O Capability
  • Reduced stock holding

Upgrade NOW and receive your FREE LogViewer software

We are currently offering our brand new LogViewer software for FREE as part of your upgrade package!

*Not yet available for Plasmalab or PlasmaPro System 400


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